MD Group Swiss ofers group and private yoga lessons from beginners to advanced adults by Manulia Yoga. Anatomically correct execution of yoga asanas is of great importance to us. EveryBODY is diferent. We are happy to support you in getting to know your personal limits in a safe and healthy way and at the same time to exploit your full potential.

Often, beliefs and thought patterns prevent us from growing beyond ourselves. To take a step forward, it often takes courage, trust, patience, or perseverance. Sometimes, however, it is also about calming down or accepting the situation as it is.

Through physical asanas, breathing exercises, meditation, and savasana we can improve our posture, prevent injuries, increase our body awareness, and strengthen the immune system. We also learn to carefully observe and perceive our mind (thoughts) and sensations (emotions). This increases and strengthens our awareness and intuition, which helps us to walk our personal path of life.